Simon Wheatley's films reflect his search for more expansive means of story-telling and the gravitation of his interest from the real to the surreal. Originally a documentary photographer, he is the author of the book ‘Don’t Call Me Urban! The Time of Grime’ - a compilation of work in London over a 12 year period examining the crisis of London’s inner city youth through the prism of grime music and in the context of studies on urban regeneration. The digital version includes 7 short films. His second book ‘Liberal Limits’ reflects on his early work in Amsterdam, taking the form of a diary-like account of sporadic stays in the city, at a time when he was begining to find his authentic voice as a photographer. He also worked intensively in France in the year following the suburban riots of 2005.

As well as experimenting with the narrative possibilities of film and with a more ‘directed’ photography, he is currently engaged on long-term documentary photographic projects in India, where in recent years he has been searching for his roots and seeking to understand this land of myriad complexity. As part of this process he has begun composing music for his films and forthcoming digital editions.